Worse than dead – Stephen Puleston

Book blurb:

“An engineer on a car ferry sailing from Dublin is murdered and his killer is on board.

But what connects the victim to drug dealers and the gangsters of Dublin?

A data stick discovered by the murdered man’s wife finds may hold the clues. But the codes and numbers on it only complicate the investigation.

And then Inspector Drake’s cousin makes contact and tells him he has information. But can Drake rely on him or does he have another agenda? 

And when the team discover a direct link to drug dealing in North Wales and beyond there are powerful forces at work.

Drake’s cousin drags Drake’s family into the middle of the case that piles the pressure on Drake who’s facing regular the prospect of losing his father to cancer.

Establishing the evidence takes Drake to Dublin and Cardiff and then on a last-minute chase over North Wales to catch the killer.

Read Worse than Dead today because we all love a great yarn with realistic characters.”

My thoughts:

Welcome back dear readers to book two of this increasingly growing series of brilliance.

( you can see my review for the previous book Brass in pocket here, https://alistenersslant.wordpress.com/2018/12/17/brass-in-pocket-stephen-pulestone/)

This book takes to the water and bounces about countries but it was so well written that it was easy to follow.

From the very beginning it is interesting and exciting, the mystery begins to unravel that keeps you guessing from beginning to end.

I loved the locations, flirting between Wales and Ireland you think things are settled in one place and something more interesting happens in the other , and I’m left thinking “oh what now?”.

Each of the main characters I grow to love every book I listen to, the growth and progression is both personally and professionally is brilliant and so well thought out.

I love the dark and gritty cover of this which is fast becoming a hallmark of this fine series

Will poor drake ever catch a break as he not only as to deal with work issues but when his family becomes a priority

I enjoyed the how the mix of business and personal gets so intertwined but good ole drake comes through and out the other side.

and a warm welcome back to Richard Elfyn who has become the voice of this series and again brings the characters and places to life and does an excellent job.

this is definitely a series worth getting into if you want some good British detective goodness, highly recommend it.

You can buy it here:


you can follow Stephen here: @stephenpuleston

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