Blood Conspiracy – Brock E. Deskins

Book blurb:

“I’ve spent the last year cleaning up the mess Percy left after his failed coup. It isn’t glamorous, but it’s a job, and it pays well enough. 

Percy altered the Cure in a way to make it easier to create his little vampire army, but his new vampires have attitude problems and are worse at playing by the rules than I am, and they are the mess I’m trying to clean up. No biggie, I’m pretty good at that kind of housecleaning. The only problem is that someone called the cops on Percy’s little house party. 

Homeland security got hold of the new and improved Cure, made their own vampire anti-terrorist unit, and dropped them into freaking Yemen. Like most ill-conceived government projects, this one went bad real fast, and guess who has to fix it? Now I have to hunt down and kill these rogue vampires, take on the US government, and destroy all evidence of our existence. And, oh yeah, there’s a freaking bomb in my head.”

My thoughts:

Welcome to book two of my favourite vampire Leo Malone if your new to this series see my review of book one here (

There is just no quiet life for Leo and I wold have it no other way, this story sends him on an adventure to save not just his world and people but also more importantly himself.

I love the character of Leo he is a charming, foul mouthed, pain in everyone’s arse but despite that he gets the job done.

Character progression is well done in this book as I learned more about Leo and other minor but no less important.

this story takes on an international flavour being set in Yemen and this time Leo is being used as a puppet and he is not happy about it.

The descriptions of the places and the people and things were just on point , I always know it’s good when I can listen and close my eyes and picture along with the story.

The narrator for this great adventure was none other than the author himself , Brock is multi talented being able to write and narrate what’s fast becoming an excellent series.

If you want wild adventure, some strong language, violence but an all round great story then listen to this and the first one.

you can buy it here:

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