Shrouds Of a Darkness – Brock Deskins

Book blurb:

 “Leo Malone: Vampire, body guard, Private detective, and all around pain in the ass is hired to find a client’s father who has gone missing, but not only is the missing man an accountant for the mob, he is a full-blooded werewolf.

What seems to be a simple case of a werewolf run amok turns into a massive conspiracy that threatens to reveal the existence of both species as the brutally dismembered bodies of humans begin turning up all around Brooklyn.
Leo quickly finds himself embroiled in fights between werewolves, vampires, the mafia, and the local police. Luckily, violence is what Leo knows best.”

 My thoughts:

I absolutely loved this, having not listened to a good vampire vs werewolf for a while I went in a little wary. I thought I was going to get the audible equivalent of the Twilight Saga, thankfully I was wrong, and this review can continue.
The central character is vampire P.I. Leo Malone, he is everything a private investigator who doesn’t care should be; brash, over confident and kick ass. The plot of the story is nicely paced and the character’s gel nicely, the good, the bad and the ugly.

The level of violence is what I expected but death is dealt out in a classy and final manner from very personalised weaponry to little things that make a big bang.

Our storyteller for this adventure is Steven Jay Cohen, I really enjoyed his narrative style, he told the story with fantastic drama in all the right places.

If you want a bit of vampire fun and to escape real life for a while, I would recommend you give this a go.

You can find it here:

Also you can follow Brock Deskins here: @BrockDeskins 

Also his website for his other great work:

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