Guarded Prognosis- Richard L. Mabry M.D

Book Blurb:

Double-barreled trouble
When Dr. Caden Taggart saw the two men sitting in his waiting room, he didn’t think they were patients. He was right, and when they introduced themselves as agents of the Drug Enforcement Agency, things started to get bad.
Then Caden felt as though someone had gut-punched him when his father, Dr. Henry Taggart, told him he probably had carcinoma of the pancreas. When he talked about his son assisting with his suicide, Caden wondered how he could talk him out of that.
When he shared his news with his wife, Beth, she tried to assure Caden that God was in control. But as things progressed, he was unsure that was true. At first, he feared for his freedom. Then for his ability to cope. Eventually, he feared for his life.

My thoughts:

Well now where to begin here,like a exquisite recipe, if you take a dollop of crime, a smattering of mystery and some seasoning of Christian doctrine, stick in the oven until done, and the end result is this tasty offering.

I have to confess I had this sitting in my library for way longer than I should have, but it was worth the wait.

I really enjoyed this, from the story to the characters, to the setting.

I always worry when science and religion mix but this story deals with it very well, it doesn’t push it to the front in your face, also it doesn’t cower at the back afraid to speak, no it sits quite comfortably like it is meant to be there.

Our main characters Caden and Beth Taggart were both believable, well written people who I actually want to see what happens to and bringing Caden’s dad Henry into the equation with all he has to deal with, you have yourself a family unit that likes it’s independence from each other but come together when need be.

I found the storyline easy to follow , the characters interacted well, the events, the settings all played their parts to tell a brilliant story.

The cover art is very well done, it tells you whats in this book without words which is hard to do.

The narrator for this medical marvel is Bill Nevitt, he does a fantastic job voicing a cast of characters both male and female.

very few books I listen to have quotes but this books a gift that keeps on giving, here it is:

“We all choose the brand of misery that makes us happiest”

if medical crime drama stories are your thing well this one will not disappoint it has an excellent story and a few twists and turns.

You can buy it here:

You can find Richard L. Mabry here:

And Bill Nevitt:

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