#BlogTour Dark Harvest – Chris Patchell

Book blurb:

“The deaths of innocents, the birth of evil…

When a single-mother-to-be goes missing on a snowy Seattle night, the investigators at the Holt Foundation fear that the police have zeroed in on the wrong suspect. With the baby’s due date weeks away, two lives hang in the balance as the harrowing search for the missing woman unfolds.

For single-mother Marissa Rooney, the case feels personal. With her own daughter still recovering from the trauma of being kidnapped, Marissa is torn between trying to help her daughter recover and her growing responsibilities at the foundation. Her fragile new relationship with the scarred widower, Seth Crawford, adds another layer of complication to an already difficult situation.

Then a second pregnant woman goes missing.

As the Holt Foundation’s chief investigator, Seth desperately races to unravel the threads linking the two missing women and their babies. His success or failure could mean the difference between life or death for another innocent woman and her unborn child. Then a chilling clue surfaces, revealing a sinister motive behind the crime. With time running out, Marissa has a secret of her own that could make her the target of a madman and throw all their lives into jeopardy.

Entangled in the roots of a growing madness, Seth and Marissa are in a race against time to stop a killer before he can reap his dark harvest…

My thoughts :

Well, welcome back to book two of two dear readers and listeners alike.

As this story opens, we find the Holt Foundation getting its first case without Elizabeth at the helm, her son now in charge.

I feel this one started as strongly as the last one ended,the progression of the characters stable and believable.

I can only imagine being pregnant is hard enough, but when you are taken for your babies gene’s to be harvested for someone else’e gain that just makes things so much more complicated.

I wouldn’t have said straight away the doctor that the doctor was evil, not at first,he was simply trying to help himself and help his mind not melt away.

He of course doesn’t do his own dirty work, enter the mysterious redhead nurse, who I am glad to see is very human, she develops a concsious.

The more I listen, the more the character of Marissa grows on me and since the last book her daughter is falling apart, but Marissa juggles it all beautifully.

All the characters evolve in such a way that it was easy to follow.

Returning for an encore on the narration front it is Lisa stathopolis and Corey Gagne, again they provide brilliant story telling and keep the quality high.

All in all these are 2 books in a great series, I am hoping there is a third, I Am sure I am not alone.

You can buy it here:

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