Those eyes – Marc Richard



Book Blurb:

“Archangels in the sky have one job: Making sure our souls get to new bodies. But sometimes they screw up.

Ronnie Jones is an ambitious teenage boy about to ask his Helen to marry him, till an accident cuts his life short. Like that annoying joker someone forgot to take out of that deck of cards before shuffling, his soul ends up where it doesn’t belong; miles away. When he reawakens as Freddy, his spirit is on a mission. He must find the girl that has his heart.

The good news: He finds her again!

The bad news: It’s thirty years later, and she’s a baby. Seriously. He can’t catch a break.

Baby Katey’s parents meet their end when their plane crashes into a Tahitian moose. Freddy steps in and adopts her. His love for Katey/Helen is of a different variety now. He’ll do anything to protect her. But does this include shielding her from the truth?

Those Eyes is a surrealist romantic comedy originally penned by a group of Benedictine monks in a trailer at a maple syrup protest rally. The manuscript went through several revisions, and even one book burning demonstration, and is now nothing like the original text. It has been translated into one language: This one. It’s packed with extra comedy, a whole lot of love, a splash of the ghastly, and more than a touch of the bizarre.”

My Review:

I stumbled across this one from the great folks at Audiobook Boom, they sent me this free copy for an impartial review, so here it is…

Where do I begin with this love story, you all know the story of boy meets girl, girl meets boy yada yada, well that is pretty much where the similarity ends. This is dark, yet over flowing with comedy moments, it’s a story of love lost, family, friendship and back to love again.

But the road poor Ronnie finds himself on is not a straightforward one. Through a series of humorous, bizarre and twisted events he is reunited with his soul mate, but not how you might think.

The narrator David S Dear, brings the story to life giving each character a unique identity.

For me this was a direction change from my usual crime genre. If you want something a little different and a bit light-hearted then this surrealist romantic comedy will definitely be a winner.

You can find it here:


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