In The Dark – Daniel Fox


Book blurb:

“My name is Steve Lewis.
I know this because it’s one of the few things I remember.
I have a wife, a son and I run a successful business.
I know this because that’s what they tell me.
I remember things that aren’t true.
I forget things that are.
I see things and people that aren’t real.
You see, I have brain damage
…and that’s the only rational explanation for things like this.”


My review:

This is undeniably one of my favourite psychological Thrillers of 2017, answered alot of questions throughout the story but happily left me with so many more.
It left me wondering about how the brain and mind work, the difference between dreams and reality.

The narrator Timothy Mckean does a great job of keeping the chilling tone travelling through the story and up and down my spine.

Poor Steve throughout the book struggles with what’s real and what’s not, at times I found myself questioning my own sanity the mark of a great storyteller.

The only flaw, and it’s a minor one, was the very end jumped about really quickly so I really had to concentrate but it was well worth it, with an ending I did not see coming.

This is one I would definitely recommend, I will be looking out for more.

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