Coopers promise – Timothy Jay Smith

What’s the story:

In the story, Cooper Chance, army sharpshooter and gay deserter from the war in Iraq, wants to go home, but can’t because he’ll be jailed and he’s acutely claustrophobic. He’s ended up adrift in Africa in a gritty world of thugs, prostitutes and corrupt cops. When the CIA offers him a way home without jail time if he carries out a risky high-stakes operation, Cooper balks until a teenage prostitute he’s vowed to rescue is trafficked and disappears. Cooper agrees to carry out the risky operation if the CIA helps find the missing girl.

My thoughts:

Hello everyone, I know what your going to say, I have been a way for far too long, but don’t worry I am back and I come bearing something that I hope will have you all saying “we forgive you”.

I was contacted by Timothy asking if I would be interested in reviewing his new book, this could not have come at a better time as I had been thinking of starting back up , so onto the book.

First thing that grabbed me about this book is that it’s set in a far flung place, I enjoy a good story especially one set in a foreign land and this fits very nicely into that box , set in an African country there is a lot of good things to say about this book.

First off. This book does contain mature subject matter, but it is done in a tasteful and respectful manner.

The writing style really grabbed me , as you all know I’m a very visual reader so the more I can imagine the better, and this story definitely didn’t disappoint, have never been to Africa but after this I really want to.

The hero of this tale is one Cooper Chance a brilliant name in my opinion he is quite a character, in fact every character had enough depth and substance to make them believable, which if I’m honest is something that brings the book alive for me.

This book left me wanting to know more about Cooper , his back story , the reasons he ended up where and how he did. You find out a-bit, which as I said left me really hoping there is a prequel.

Back to the writing style , the descriptions of people , places and things were just so cinematic I could see myself walking beside the characters through the dusty warm streets, so badly wanting ice water.

The narrator for this story is Ryan Brophy, his style is very easy to follow and the story is told in a way that it’a a pleasure to listen to.

I must mention the artwork it’s very interesting , I’ve come across very few books that show you what the main character looks like , it’s not a bad thing at all , there is so Much to picture in this book that it just works.

I loved this book, and I know we can’t really go anywhere at the moment, but if you want to take a trip without leaving the comfort of your couch then I recommend giving this a try.

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