The Cryptic Lines – Richard Storry

Book Blurb:

In a remote, crumbling, gothic mansion the aged Lord Alfred Willoughby writes his Last Will and Testament, and deliberates over what is to become of his vast fortune after his passing. The obvious thing is to leave it to his only son, Matthew, but the boy has grown up to become a wastrel, unable to hold down a job and constantly relying on hand-outs from his father. So what to do? He finds himself torn. His head tells him to leave Matthew nothing at all; but his heart feels differently. After all, he is still his son…

Finally, he settles on the solution: In one last-ditch attempt to show his son that nothing worth having is gained without effort he sets a series of enigmatic puzzles. If Matthew can successfully solve them he will inherit the entire estate. If he fails, he receives nothing.

However, it emerges that Matthew is not the only interested party. The mansion hides many secrets, and things are not at all as they first appear…

My Thoughts:

I confess dear readers and listeners, it has been a while since I have had a good oldie worldly mystery and this ticked every box and dotted every t and crossed every I.

It was dark it was creepy from the beginning to the end, every word had me on the edge of my seat, I wasn’t sure what to expect at the beginning and I definitely didn’t see what came at the end.

The story is well written and tense in all the right places, I loved all the characters even the bad ones, they were so well written I could almost pull them out of my earphones and stand them up in front of me, and being a very visual person I could see every description of rooms and people clearly in my head.

The cover art is amazing as well , shows a lot but leaves a lot to your own imagination.

The narrator for this little mystery is none other than Jake (the man with the voice) Urry who does an amazing job of drawing you into the dark and gothic corridors of this creepy house, I felt like he was walking beside me telling me the story, a great narrator.

So my beloved readers and listeners, if you are wanting a gothic mystery this festive period to take your mind of all the Christmasness then give this a listen at only 4 hours and 20 mins, it’s not long but it packs a lot of mysterious goodness into that time.

You can buy it here:

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