A podcast review – Morbid

I know what you are all thinking “this is not an audiobook review?” And you would be right.

I find myself on a true crime journey at the moment, It all started when my sister introduced me to another podcast called ‘Crime Junkies’ I started listening to that and I was immediately hooked.

From there I stumbled upon Morbid, as the name suggests it’s not a podcast about rainbows and unicorns although believe it or not both are actually mentioned, this series of true crime stories and cases solved and unsolved, old and more recent is led my two hilarious women called Alaina and ash, and they could not be more different, one is a autopsy technician and the other is a hair stylist, but together they bring you horrific murder cases and criminally good stories , all done with dignity and respect, but never far away is a constant undertone of humour and sillyness, which you will agree when dealing with murder you need a pallet cleanser.


There is a lot of flowery language but if you can overlook that then you are in for a wild ride and a lot of fun. Currently sitting at 98 episodes, each one deals with some well known names but a lot of smaller cases which I like finding out about.

If you are into true crime and looking for something refreshing to listen to then give this a go.

There website is: https://www.morbidpodcast.com/

You can follow them on twitter: @amorbidpodcast

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