Vessel – John Bowen


Book Blurb:

“Forget all you know. History’s biggest secret was hidden behind legends and lies…
An International Amazon #1 Bestseller in Kindle Thriller and Mystery.
Running for her life, carrying a secret with the potential to change what it means to be human, Holly Reilly calls the only person she knows with the skills to keep her alive: her estranged husband Gabriel.
Caught between two deadly adversaries, Holly and Gabe are drawn into a centuries-old conflict, one poised to spill into the modern world, threatening chaos and bloodshed.
A breathless blend of action and mystery, faith and fanaticism, Vessel exposes an unwritten history stretching back to the Crusades, medieval Europe and feudal Japan as it races to its final explosive conclusion.”

My Thoughts:

I love historical stories, especially ones with a sharp thriller element like this one has, I enjoy every incarnation of the holy grail story I hear but this one put a completely different twist on it that kept me interested from beginning to end.

This globetrotting and time trotting adventure takes you here, there and everywhere, I loved the history soaked tales of the Knights Templar onto Japan, the adrenaline spilling over each bit like an overflowing bucket (or chalice). The attention to detail was excellent, the way the story weaved effortlessly through the different time periods and back to current without missing a beat.

I found the relationship between Gabe and Holly sweet and believable even in mortal danger Gabe was both a gentleman and a hero and Holly to be feisty and more than capable of taking care of herself.

The device they call the grail was brilliantly imagined from its description to the explanation of what it does.

every character was superbly written, showing many different layers and that was another facet that kept my interest.

This fine story was told to us by Craig Beck, who did a first class job of narrating this non stop rollercoaster of historical goodness.

If you want a mix of history, action, revenge and great storytelling then this is one not to miss.

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