Deadly Cruise – Dawn Brookes

Book Blurb:

Just when you thought it was safe to cruise again….

PC Rachel Prince returns to cruising after giving evidence in a difficult trial. She wants to recharge her batteries and reevaluate her future after receiving threats from the man she helped put away.

Taking Queen cruises up on their offer of a free luxury cruise aboard the Coral Queen, she opts for a sailing to New York.

Rachel’s best friend and cruise nurse, Sarah is also returning to the ship to start a new nine-month contract so the timing is perfect.
Almost immediately, Rachel meets a cruise tour leader who invites her to join him and his Russian group for some of their planned activities. These activities should help pass the time during the sea days.

A crew member is found dead in his cabin – could this be another mystery brewing? Rachel’s eagle eye spots some curious goings on among the Russian tour group that she finds enticing. Chief Security Officer Waverley wants Rachel to leave things alone – will she listen?

Sarah has problems of her own as conflict develops in the medical team when a new nurse is brought in at short notice.

Rachel can’t resist doing a bit of snooping, but will she get to the bottom of a mysterious death and untangle this complex case before they reach New York?

My Thoughts:

Welcome back to second adventure of our beloved pc Rachel Price, is you missed it see my review of book one here (

Who would have thought so much could happen on a floating city of a cruise ship, but on this one thankfully a lot does happen.

I bet we were all really hoping that this time around Rachel has a better trip.

And to begin with it is, but trouble seems to follow Rachel around or maybe she goes looking but who knows it makes for some fun adventures.

I like the descriptions, not detailed enough to be overwhelming but just tells you enough to be able to paint a picture in your own imagination.

The story structure was well written, characters are colourful and well fleshed out, for some people on this cruise, it will be the longest trip of their lives.

I love when I simple start draws me in and keeps me interested with a twist I didn’t see coming and as far as cosy crime goes, this one was twisty.

Since the last book I enjoy seeing Rachel and her friends onboard the ship grow and become more believable,

I am proud to welcome back narrator queen Alex Lee who again does an amazing job of telling this story good pace and well told as always.

Another excellent cosy crime story , good if you have heard the first one but not essential as it works as a stand alone with minor references to the last book.

Definitely recommend this for any long time fans of cosy crime or just looking for somewhere to start.

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