Follow The Money – David Fuentes

Book blurb:

Follow the Money is a collection of novellas that follows the lives of different bank notes on their respective journeys, as they pass from one person to the next through London and New York. In a twist of fate, both of these bank notes transform in the second installment of each story. It sends them on a completely new journey into the unknown. So fasten your seat belts, and brace yourself for the ride of your lives. Your journey awaits you.

My thoughts:

Well this fine book came completely from left field I did not expect what my ears were offered, but boy oh boy were they happy.

This story takes storytelling and completely turns it on its head the main protagonist is not what anyone would expect

I knew money causes problems but wow this series of notes caused no end of trouble from start to finish and I absolutely loved every minute of it.

I really enjoyed the format of this book, it wasn’t one story but several shorter that sometimes connected sometimes didn’t, but all made sense and was each very well written.

*parental warning* the stories contained within this book do contain some graphic scenes of a sexual nature, so if your abit shy then you have been warned.

loved all the characters and the settings and if your ok with some bad language then this is amazing.

The narrator for this plethora of sublime series of stories is Matthew Kerslake who does a superb job of the voices , scene setting and overall storytelling.

If your looking for something a little bit different then I would highly recommend this little gem, it will change the way you think about characters in a story.

You can buy it here:

You can find Matthew here:

One thought on “Follow The Money – David Fuentes

  1. Wait… are the stories told BY the bank notes, or by someone who carries them? If the former, then… sorry… count me out. We are humans, and I prefer my protagonists to be humans as well (no, I don’t like zombie or vampire or ghost stories, either).


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