The Third Wave – Karla Forbes

Book blurb:

Charles Morgan is small operator in the vast computer technology industry, but he has big ambitions. He borrows heavily from the Mafia to finance his dreams of becoming a big player, but when he fails to make the expected profit, they are quick to demand their money back. Desperate to save his own skin, he hatches a plan that will cripple the competition and propel his new product into the ranks of market leader. 
Bryony Elliot is a brilliant but naive British student who has the skills he needs to bring his plans to fruition, but she is refusing to cooperate. With time running out and his creditors’ threats becoming increasingly vicious, Morgan gives up on persuasion and employs deceit instead. 
Unaware of the true situation, Bryony launches a catastrophic virus attack on society. When she discovers that she has been used, she frantically attempts to stop the carnage she has wrought, but she is up against violent men who are intent on stopping her. Bryony must dig deep into her mental reserves to stay alive and reverse the damage, but first she must conquer the fears and demons that rule her life. For Bryony has dark secrets of her own….

My thoughts:

Be upstanding ladles and jellyspoons and welcome back to the blog Mr Nick Sullivan, in the magnificent second outing.

This second adventure was like a Hollywood movie in my ears , had all the action and suspense of any action film you care to mention.

Poor poor Nick all he wants is a quiet life, but unfortunately this story he finds a case that could be not be louder.

It was a fictional situation that could very well one day happen with computers getting more and more clever, or are we getting more dependant on them?, anyway that’s an argument for another day.

What quickly starts out simple for nick, soon goes south quick and he finds himself in several situations he would rather he wasn’t in.

I loved Nick, Bryony there relationship was realistic and the other members of the gang we met briefly all had their own characters which made it even better.

At first I didn’t like bryony I thought she was aloof and cold but as Nick chipped away at her outer shell she became more human and likeable and by the end I felt sorry for her.

The narrator for this fine story is Mr Craig Bowles, who did such a fabulous job on narrating book one that it was a joy and privilege to have him back for book two.

So if you like your story fast and action packed then wrap your ears round this little gem, you can find my review for book one here

You can buy it here:

you can find Karla here: @karlaforbes

And her website:

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