Missing Gretyl – Si Page

Book blurb:

Some say Gretyl is loud, hairy, and obnoxious. Others are less complimentary.

Buckle up for a comedic rollercoaster ride, with bad wigs, waxing disasters, holiday scams, a deluded hitman, lust, arson and murder.

After fifty years of marriage, Gretyl Trollop is thinking of a new life, somewhere hot. Her husband, Albert, is thinking of the crematorium. She’s thinking of stuffing herself in a bikini. He’s thinking of a taxidermist. The Londoners continue their separate lives until a mysterious letter turns their world upside down.

My thoughts:

Welcome back friends, this book was an easy listen and a brilliant, funny distraction.

There were many elements to this book , different situations and people but it was so well written that I had no problem following it and keeping everyone in the right place, well done to Si Page for such good writing.

Each character felt like I wanted to learn more about their back story, I loved what was being told about them now but being such well rounded characters I truly believed there could be a whole unknown back story waiting to be told.

Our lead heroine Gretyl is a superb, sassy and takes no rubbish from nobody a trait which serves her well throughout this tale.

The down to earth nature of the story is a breath of fresh air and could be told today and not seem out of place.

Our storyteller this time around is Melanie Crawley who does an excellent job of drawing you in to the details and does every voice brilliantly.

So if you are looking for easy listen with many funny moments then this is well worth a listen.

You can buy it here:


You can follow Si here: @siberpasta

And website: http://www.sipage.co.uk

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