Game Theory – Colleen Cross

Book blurb:

“Someone is siphoning funds from billionaire Zachary Barron’s currency hedge fund. Intent on prosecuting the thief to the fullest extent of the law, he hires Katerina “Kat” Carter, the best forensic accountant in the business, to follow the money trail. Both are shocked when it leads to Zachary’s father, Nathan. 

And he’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

Nathan belongs to a shadowy organization with global ties and unimaginable resources. They already control the banking industry and the media, but their ultimate goal – the collapse of the global currency market and a new world order – will soon be within reach. 

The organization learns of her involvement and sends a warning. She knows it will be her last – others who have tried to foil their agenda have met with violent deaths. 

If Kat walks away and keeps her mouth shut, she’ll look over her shoulder for the rest of her life in a world she’ll scarcely recognize. Ignoring the threat makes her and everyone she cares about a target…or a potential traitor. 

Still, as Kat Carter knows all too well…the greater the risk, the greater the reward. 

And there’s no hedging on this bet. It’s all or nothing. 

Who’s in?”

My thoughts:

Welcome back readers, to this the second of the Katerina Carter legal thrillers , quickly becoming one of my favourite series.

I’ve never understood the world of markets and finance but that is irrelevant as this series is becoming so much more than that, a wonderful mix of mystery, suspense and classic who dunnit?

As this series goes from strength to strength which I have no doubt it will, I can see the characters grow and change with each story which is a sign of a well thought out and well written book.

Katerina as a main character is smart, sassy but ultimately wants to see justice done, no matter what a case throws at her.

All the other major and minor characters were brilliantly written and interactive, I felt for poor uncle Harry as he was put through the ringer, went through a mix of emotions as the story progressed and came to its satisfying conclusion.

Again the narrator returning to tell this story is Petrea Burchard, again does a wonderful job of telling this twisty tale, a voice that fits every area of this series which is very rare.

I enjoyed this one and have got book three eagerly geared up, so if you want a legal thriller with so much more bundled inside then go for this.

You can read my review of book one here:

You can buy this fine book here:

And find Colleen here: @colleenxcrossa

And her website:

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