The Development – Jackie Kabler

Book Blurb:

The third installment of the Cora Baxter Mysteries 

After a stressful week, TV reporter Cora Baxter is ready for a quiet weekend. What she isn’t counting on is witnessing the shocking death of a young woman on her way home. 

Cora discovers that seventeen-year-old Leanne has been protesting against a new housing development, angering the powerful establishment. Leanne’s death is ruled a suicide but, when puzzling information comes to light, Cora decides to investigate further. 

She might not know what an unscrupulous businessman, a suspended police officer and hate-mail sending neighbours have to do with the case but she does know there is a news story there. 

With her eccentric camera crew on hand to help, can Cora work out what happened in the days before Leanne s death? And was it really suicide after all?”

My thoughts:

Who would have thought property development could be such a deadly business?, well in this story it really is.

I enjoyed the idea of this book, it’s everyday life settings that take a dark turn and it asks the question, how far are people really willing to go to get what they want.

our lead heroine is Cora Baxter your very normal down to earth tv reporter who immediately loved she was quirky funny and honest, an instant hit.

But she has help, her on hand camera and sound crew who throughout the story provide comical relief and rally round when Cora feel like she can do no more, a true meaning of teamwork is on display through out.

I enjoyed the slight twist in the tale of this, I was so sure I had it figured out , but then I was wrong, that is a sign of a very well written, thought out story.

Our storyteller is Zara Ramm easy to listen to and told the story in such a way that it was a joy to listen, hope to hear more from her.

Although this is book three it works as a stand alone, I enjoyed this and if you like a mystery with a good plot and brilliantly written characters then I suggest you give this a go.

You can follow Jackie here: @jackiekabler

Also her website: http://www.jackiekabler.con

you can buy it here:

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