The Clock Keeper – Melissa Delport

Book Blurb:

“Since the beginning of life on Earth, seven powerful families have protected time. From within their bloodlines, one person is selected every decade to make the ultimate sacrifice. 

When Anna Kennedy is selected by the Tempus Guild as the new Clock Keeper, she commits a crime so heinous that it could cause time itself to unravel. Now, it falls to her sister, Clarke, to right the wrong and restore honor to the Kennedy family. The only problem is that in order to do so she must send her best friend to his grave.”

My thoughts:

This was a wonderful wibbly wobbly, Timey wimey story.

It was so well written and fast paced. Without losing any of it’s written beauty.

The main character Clarke is a brilliant well rounded lead with an attitude of don’t cross me but with a heart of gold, and the bond with her sister Anna is so real that I actually felt sorry for the two of them.

Enter the maybe villain of this tale Fletcher I say maybe because he isn’t intentionally being mean more misguided, but I enjoyed how it all worked itself out in the end, the slight romantic element usually puts me off but it was done in such a way that it actually weaved through the story largely to me unnoticed.

The narrator for this story was Vivian Swain, did an excellent job narrating the very twisty subject of time travel, but she made it a joy to listen to and the time flew by, her pace was good and it made me invest more in some characters than I probably would have.

So if time travelling adventures are your thing or if your looking to dive into a new genre then I would give this a look and a listen, you won’t be disappointed.

You can buy it here:

And follow Melissa here: @melissadelport

Also her website:

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