Terminal Breach – Steve Bradshaw

Book blurb:

An unknown invader – code name GRAY WOLF – commandeers a nuclear missile silo in North Dakota and threatens to launch a Minuteman III ICBM. The President’s only containment option is to obliterate the Midwest nuclear arsenal at a cost of millions of civilian lives.

Across the country in Key West, the world-renowned forensic sleuth Dr. Elliott Sumner is pulled into the international crisis moments after he spots a serial killer he put away for life. Elliott gets the call to examine hideously mutilated corpses found frozen solid in the wilderness. The macabre blood trail is the only way to identify GRAY WOLF, and give the President more options. Setting aside a life-threatening condition, Sumner goes to North Dakota.

Can Elliott solve the grisly international forensic puzzle, or will time run out? Can the launch of a rogue Minuteman III missile into the world be averted, or is a nuclear Armageddon the only outcome for the unimaginable terminal breach?

My thoughts:

This was an amazing thrill ride from beginning to end, a brilliant work of fiction but with an undertone of a reality that could very easily happen.

I loved the settings, I also loved the descriptions of the people and surroundings

the twists were genius, the characters were well thought out and believable

The main character dr Sumner is a fantastic lead, a brilliant forensic investigator has to battle with deadly terrorists, frozen corpses and his own personal demons, I loved how he was written as an unassuming, low key man with a brilliant mind, all the other characters compliment Sumner, everyone from the potus (president of the United States) to the lowly members of the local cops everyone was so well written and had a story of their own.

The narrator for this tale is Holly Palance, who tells the story in such a great way that I was gripped from the opening line to the closing credits and all throughout she takes you on a rollercoaster of an adventure.

if you want an adrenaline fuelled thriller of a story I highly recommend this as it will keep you hooked from start to finish.

You can buy it here:


And follow Steve @SBauthor

or on his website: http://www.stevebradshawauthor.com

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