Murderous Secrets – Paty Jager

Book blurb:

Book four in the Shandra Higheagle Mystery Series
The accident that took her father’s life has always haunted Shandra Higheagle. When her dreams become too real, she knows it’s time to discover the truth. It doesn’t take long to suspect her father had been murdered and that someone is unhappy with her probing.

Detective Ryan Greer knows Shandra well enough to insist he be kept informed of her investigation into the decades old death of her father. When signs implicate her mother, he can’t withhold the information, even though he realizes it could complicate their relationship. 

My thoughts:

I found this languishing in my audible library the other day, I confess I had totally forgotten about it.

But now I unearthed it, I can say I really enjoyed it.

The reach of family is never ending and this story is about trying to find answers even when everyone tries to talk you out of it.

I loved the homeliness of the main character Shandra and her tenacious way she wouldn’t let her dads death go. The locations are beautiful and picturesque.

The minor supernatural element of dreams and visions and the slant of the native Indians

the other characters were lively and interesting and I wish more stories would feature animals, even if they purely add cute value.

The narrator for this amazing whimsical tale is Zara Ramm and she does a wonderful job of weaving a magical tale, good pace and a very nice voice that’s easy to listen to.

So although this is book 4 in the series it works well as a stand alone with minor mentions to past cases, but it doesn’t effect this story, so if you want something abit different then I recommend this.

You can buy it here:

you can follow Paty here: @patyjag

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