Exit strategy – Colleen Cross

Book blurb:

Private investigator and forensic accountant Katerina Carter uncovers a sinister connection between blood diamonds and organized crime. Then two company employees are brutally murdered and her investigation becomes much more dangerous than she had ever imagined. Can she can stay alive long enough to expose the real criminals…or will her first case be her last?

My thoughts:

Legal thrillers have never been high on my listening list, but this very one may just change that,I really enjoyed this one.

From the very beginning the opening line ,the action came thick and fast, from then it just got better and better.

I found Katerina, believable and a real tryer, I loved all the close relationships, which proves there is nothing more important than family, specially in such a story.

I found the plot well written and twisty and turny, just when i thought I had a handle on the story, another twist would hit from nowhere, I enjoyed every min of it.

Every character whether a main player or minor role, I honestly loved the bad guys as much as the good.

What started life as a simple fraud case soon grew so many arms and legs,it turned into a big brilliant legal thriller spider.

The narrator for this rollercoaster was, Petrea Burchard, another new name in a increasingly long list of new and brilliant narrators I’ve heard since starting this blog, she does an excellent job, good pace and timing, wonderful accents, one to keep an ear out for.

If legal thrillers are your thing, 0r like me you are fairly new to the genre this would be a good place to start, it has action, suspense and action and a class story as well.

you can buy it here:


You can follow Colleen here: @colleenxcross

and petrea: @petreaburchard

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