The book launch of Presumed Dead by Mason Cross 18.4.18

A warm welcome dear readers to a quick review of tonight’s (18.4.18) event, with Mr Mason Cross.

The man of mystery was in town to launch book 5 of the brilliant Carter Blake series, a fun night.

Tonight was compered by another well known Scottish author Douglas Skelton who pulled no punches when it came to the quick fire questions he directed at Mason, with great stories and anicdotes each question was answered with honesty and humour.

To quote Douglas,”If he thinks he’s just sitting basking in the limelight…” Mason then had a quiz round to deal with, 2 categories; his top 10 places for a book to be set and his top 10 detectives. Unfortunately neither round went terribly well.

Then to round off the night, the questions were opened up to the audience, a few good questions were asked and answered, such as “if you stopped writing Carter Blake what writer would you like to continue it for you.”. Mason suggested Skelton could pick up the story, nut Skelton was complimentary dubious that he could live up to the style.

All in all an insightful night, with Mason and Douglas on top form, a laugh never far away, if you ever get the chance to hear either or both of these fine home grown author’s , I would highly recommend it.

You can buy presumed Dead here:

Also follow Mason Cross: @MasonCrossBooks

Also Douglas Skelton: @DouglasSkelton1

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