Dead End – Kandy Monroe


Book Blurb:

“Jenny Duncan works the evening shift at the local shop in the town of Lillington in the Midlands, UK. On Guy Fawkes night, during the bonfire celebrations, a virus sweeps through the town. Jenny finds herself trapped with three customers as the infected attack anyone they can find outside.

Then the dead start to rise, the power and communications are cut off, and a fire breaks out in a building nearby. The group of survivors must find a way out if they are to reach their families and safety.

It soon becomes apparent the virus has gone global, and safety is a difficult thing to find. The group must work together if they are to survive.

Dead End is the story of ordinary people living in the UK, with no special skills, trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. This is book one in the Dead End series.”

My Thoughts:

A wee short one on the blog today. I received this book through an opportunity on facebook and I am glad to say I was not disappointed.

Think of every good or half decent zombie movie and b-movie and this is the audiobook version of all of those.

I love a story where normal plucky everyday people show and excel in a less than everyday situation.

Yes it’s a well worn topic of the zombie apocalypse, but I found this one nearly believable which made it so much more enjoyable. The jumble of characters and personalities worked well together, once again proving the power of the human spirit in the most dire of circumstances.

The night starts like any other for Jenny, in her wee local shop, but its clear everything is not OK. Events in the story move along at a nice pace not to slow and not too quickly.

The narrator for this tale was Jacqueline Nym, another new name for me, she told the story well, I’d be interested to hear her do different styles of story.

If you want a good old zombie romp with nods too the classic b movie zombie apocalypse then give this a listen.

You can follow Kandy Monroe here: @Kady_Monroe_1 

You can buy it here:


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