A night with Ken MacLeod and Chris Brookmyer 

Jump into your spaceships, let your imaginations run wild and strap yourself in for a night where we go boldly where no man or women has gone before.
Tonight was spend in the presence of two great authors, one who I knew in the shape of Chris Brookmyer and one who was a new name to me but no less interesting Ken MacLeod.

Both had made the voyage from crime writing to sci-fi, Ken has written a few sci – fi but this was Chris’s first tentative step into that universe.

The night opened with both reading an opening bit from their books, Ken read a section from the first of his corporation wars series, Dissidence as he said it wouldn’t make any sense reading  from the third one if people hadn’t read the other two like myself.

Then the two authors chatted amongst themselves, loud enough so we all could he though firing such topical lasers about as free will, artificial intelligence and advanced technology.

there was a couple of questions from a tentative audience, and Chris told a funny story about a complaint letter he had been sent about mobiles still being able to dial 999 even if you take the sim card out, and even in space there is whiskey.

All in all it was a brilliant evening, with you down to earth, honest and funny authors, it has reinforced my love for all things Sci-fi.

you can get Chris Brookmyer’s book here:

And Ken MacLeod’s book here:

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