Three Cheers for Me: The Bandy Papers, Book 1 – Donald Jack

Book blurb:

“It is 1916. Bartholomew Bandy, fourth-year medical student, decides that it is time to join the War. The prim young Canadian expects that he will have few problems remaining clean and virtuous. But he is aware that his bland, horse-like face drives people crazy, and that he has a certain tendency to be accident-prone. How will the war affect him, and vice versa? The realities of trench war at the front provide a contrasting backdrop for his adventures, as he blunders into contact with all sorts of people, both fictional and historical (the King, Lester Pearson, and Winston Churchill). Three Cheers For Me was first published in 1962, to wide critical acclaim. This expanded version first appeared in 1973, to launch the series now known as The Bandy Papers.”

My thoughts :

I absolutely loved this, it was some light relief from my usual genre of crime or psychological thrillers.

I’m sitting writing this on fireworks night and thinking of what poor Bandy went through during the war, even through the horrors this book has an underlying vain of comedic value.

I enjoyed everything about this story, his experiences throughout the war, from the trenches to the R.A.F, Bandy  bounces from one hilarious situation to another.

Robin Gabrielli provides the narration for this, and he does a brilliant job, every narrator I have listened to recently has been a new name to me but everyone I want to hear more from.

I can’t recommend this enough if  you need a good giggle then give this a listen, I hope they bring the other books to audible soon!

You can get it here:

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